Want To Increase Conversions In Under Five Seconds?

downloadWant to increase conversions on your landing page? Try simply  changing  your headline.

The reason? Headline changes have the power to provide a 10%+ percent increase in clicks, while it takes only five seconds to change.

There’s almost no better bang for your buck, as headlines are one of the easiest elements of ads and landing pages to change.

Contrary to popular belief, the best marketing isn’t always the most creative.

Researchers looked at a different set of 200 ads that hadn’t won any awards. In other words, these were the losers. And the researchers were only able to classify 2% of them.

  • The most successful ads in this study closely resembled the same basic six templates.
  • The losers that didn’t win anything just so happened to be among the most unique or creative.

Believe it or not, that’s GREAT news. Because it means you don’t need to be some copywriting ninja to deliver ads or landing pages that perform.

You can take the same basic message, rework it with a few different changes, and your odds of success go up dramatically.