Tired Of Creating Your Own Product, Converting Offers And So Much More?

information-products-630x250One of the main problems with a company I was an affiliate many many years back was each affiliate was responsible for doing all of their own product marketing. That’s a pretty tall order, even if you have marketing experience.
Another issue was that affiliates had to do all their own phone sales as well. Now this was to sell high-ticket back-end product to customers who’d already purchased a relatively inexpensive front-end product. Even for an experienced salesperson, that’s a challenge. I had no sales experience, so I failed.

The current company I am with filled in the missing pieces plus so much more.

On the marketing side, they produce and provide affiliates with thoroughly tested and proven high-converting offers and other marketing tools. All they have to do is drive traffic to them.

They also provide a back-end phone sales team. As  affiliates place ads and begin to gather leads and front-end sales, the sales team contacts the leads and introduces them to the MOBE system. If the leads upgrade to one of our high-ticket items, the affiliate makes a substantial commission—from $1,000 to $10,000—without ever having to make a sales pitch.
But they have taken it a couple steps beyond by providing affiliates with a personal telephone coach who is there through each of the 21 steps of the program, answering questions and guiding them through—mind you, this comes with a program that only costs $49. The people who signed up for it (more than 75,000 of them) routinely remark about the incredible value of MTTB.

There are still plenty of other Internet marketing opportunities out there. The difference with MTTB is that you can actually win with it.

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