Thought I Would Share Some Of The Apps I Use…

imagesWhen I am out and about if in my home town or another country I want to find the best possible experience near where I am. So I thought I would share some of the Apps I use to make my traveling easier.

This is why I like Foursquare’s tips. I checked in at my hotel  and learned the best French Bakery was around the corner.

This is also why I paid $10 for Zagat’s app. They are great at finding the best restaurants.

I want to rate places for the people that follow me.. If the restaurant sucks, I want to tell other people so they avoid the place. If it wonderful, I want to tell them what’s great about it. This is why I use Yelp and Foodspotting.

Often when I check in I’ll see a friend of mine is nearby, or, someone who I’d like to meet. Let’s be honest, if you know Donald Trump was nearby at a cafe wouldn’t you consider going over to meet him? I would. Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, etc are great for that.

I  also have an app on my iPhone that helps me find bathrooms. Another app, Around Me, finds me gas stations and stores. Google Maps helps me find other things. Fast Mall helps me find the Apple store in a huge mall without walking around trying to find a map.

Someone else who commented on this question said they wanted to know where the cops are. That’s what Trapster or Waze is for. Or, maybe you’re passing a historical marker on a long road trip and wondered what is the story behind it? Or what is the name of that lake you just passed?

Quick, didn’t you play the license plate game on a long road trip when you were a kid?  Foursquare is a different kind of game. So is MyTown. Among others.

Running late for an appointment? I often pull out Glypse so they can see that I’m stuck in traffic and how long it’ll be before I get there.

When’s the next bus/train/subway coming? There’s an app for that in many cities now.

I use TripIt to check into airports and also to get warned of flight delays. Plus it helps me pick my seat (it’s gotten me better seats often).

Other apps even let you look at the flight schedule boards inside the airport so you can figure out if your brother, who is flying from Portland, has arrived yet.

To find out more about the Apps and programs I use check out my post at