Product Knowledge Overload…

product knowledgeHow important is it for you to have lots of  product knowledge about the product that you’re selling?

It is sort of a double-edged sword.

Knowledge is never bad but sometimes when you have knowledge some people want to tell everyone how much knowledge they have.

So the  problem with that in internet marketing if you’re attempting to recruit business builders prospect and you share with them for hours about how amazing your ground floor product is, then they’re going to walk away thinking, do I need to know all that before I can start this business.

If you’re trying to get customers, it’s not as bad to have great product knowledge. If you have amazing knowledge about your product, just be careful on how you utilize that knowledge.

A lot of times we blow the sale by saying too much!

Look to say less, to more people, is  some of the best recruiting advice I can give you.

As far as requirement of product knowledge, for you to build a  team , you really don’t have to know that much about the product.