One Quick Tip To Make Your Facebook Videos Look Better

Videos Reach More fansFacebook users  uploading and watching videos on the site here are some suggestions to make your videos look better.

Videos that you play on Facebook are played in SD quality by default. While you can switch the quality to HD in the video player interface, provided that the source was in HD quality, you may want to set HD as the permanent option on Facebook.

Note: The option to do so is only available on Facebook’s web version and not in Facebook Lite or the regular Facebook mobile application.

The easiest way to set a video quality preference on Facebook is the following:

  1. Load in your browser of choice. If you are logged in already on Facebook, you should be taken directly to the video settings. If not, you are asked to sign in first.
  2. Click on the default button next to “video default quality” and select “sd only” if you want only low quality video playback or “HD if available” if you want high definition videos to be loaded whenever available.

Note: The selection impacts two factors. First, the bandwidth required to play videos on Facebook as SD videos use considerable less data than HD videos. Second, the resources required to play videos. You may notice slow downs or other issues if you play HD videos on older computers.