Navy pilot-turned-successful-business owner shares his secret formula

Mission planI’ve just been looking over what J.T. DeBolt plans to cover in todays live training session on Tuesday at 9:00pm EST.

And the truth is… I’m impressed and a little puzzled.

I’m very impressed with the way J.T. has streamlined exactly what entrepreneurs need to do in order to start, scale and sustain a successful business.…

And I’m puzzled by anyone who wouldn’t jump at the chance to learn from the “Mission-Accomplishment Coach,” award-winning author and international speaker.

On Tuesday, J.T. will be sharing his secrets for entrepreneurial success, so you can get your business up and running faster.

Specifically, he’ll cover:

• How to achieve mental focus, so you’re directing your energies toward a desired outcome
• The best way to achieve clarity—of purpose, action and direction in your business and your life
• Strategic goal-achievement: instead of ineffective traditional goal-setting practices, J.T. will teach a systematic approach to achieving results
• How to master self-confidence, the cornerstone of success
• Mental toughness—J.T.’s secret for staying in business for the past 10 years, and the hidden key to high-performance, whether you’re a naval aviator, an athlete, or an entrepreneur.This is information every entrepreneur will want to hear about.  Click Here !