Learn How To Create Ads On Facebook Yourself

downloadHave you ever thought about creating your own Facebook ads including choosing where they’ll appear, setting a budget, and more to increase your business and did not know where to start or better yet afraid to try it yourself?

Well it really can be as easy as the three steps listed below.

  1. Get Started….
    To get started, visit http://www.facebook.com/advertising, and click “Create an Ad.”
  2. Specify Ad Targeting Preferences….
    Select the country you would like your ad to be displayed in.
    Choose the demographics you would like to target

  3. Set  Campaigns, Pricing, and Scheduling
    Last step, select a payment type and budget for your ad campaign

So there you have it, an easy three step process to creating your very own FaceBook ads. If you need more help or guidance on creating FaceBook ads look me up at www.followvernon.com