Do You Know How To Have A Twitter Party?

twitter-bird-blue-on-white_0Do You Know How To Have A Twitter Party?

Wait……a Twitter what?

Yes a twitter party it is the  new online answer to the old Meet-N-Greet from a few years ago, it is a fast and fun virtual party!

Between you and me it is also a  great new way to meet new leads!

People love them because they’re non-intimidating, fun, and they can attend your party without leaving  the house or the restaurant or the bar, well you get what I mean.

So here is how a twitter party works?

Twitter users tweet with a specified Hashtag (#) for the party.

The party host will announce the hashtag prior to the event (through tweet chat, Facebook, friends and other social media).

If you look at the twitter party calendar, parties are listed by the hashtag (#).

Users use their tweet chat client to search for the hashtag and join in the conversation.

So to have a successful  Twitter Party it might be a good idea to have a clever hashtag.

If you’re throwing a Twitter Party, you’re probably familiar with the concept of hashtags, but if not, a hashtag is a way that Twitter users catalog information on Twitter.

By appending a hashtag to your tweet, you make it searchable and easier for someone to follow along in that conversation.

So set up a Twitter Party today and wow them with your knowledge and get them excited about your brand.

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